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Everyone – whatever their story – should have access to supportive care when they need it.

The world’s first digital peri-hab solution for all treatment pathways

The problem

7 out of 10 patients have
poor underlying health

This impacts patient access to treatment, how well it works and how well they recover resulting in poor health outcomes and avoidable costs.

How Alvie helps

Patients recover better
with Alvie

Our data driven, 360° digital health coaching and clinical guidance helps patients through all diagnoses and stages of treatment.

Our partners

Our peer-reviewed research in cancer care

Peri-habilitation / pæɾi-həˌbɪlɪˈteɪʃən is the care of patients before, during and after treatment.

It provides people with a physical and psychological buffer to withstand the effects of treatment, help them recover better and lower the costs of healthcare utilisation.

Peri-habilitation Graph

Alvie 360
How do we help people recover better?

Alvie 360 is a health coaching programme that lasts up to 10 weeks.

Using real data and regular coach check-ins, we build and refine a risk-stratified and 360° – physical and psychological – health profile of our patients.

This allows us to actively identify and manage risks before they escalate, hyper-personalise the coaching recommendations, offer consistent encouragement and motivation, safely monitor progress and intervene with expert clinical support as required.

Alvie 360 - How do we help people recover better? Alvie 360 - How do we help people recover better?

We deliver real health improvements
for our patients


Quality of Life (EQ5D-5L)


Physical activity score (METs min week)


Step count


Protein per day


Anxiety score


Distress score


Self efficacy

* All numbers based on real Alvie clinical research

We deliver real clinical benefits
for our partners

Post-operative complications


Post-operative complications

Chemotherapy tolerance


Chemotherapy tolerance

Urgent care admissions


Urgent care admissions

Hospital stay

-2 days

Hospital stay


Average cost saving per patient

Doing good for thousands of people

Rest assured with an
accredited service

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