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<p>Our team</p>
<p>Our team</p>

Our team

We’re a group of experts working together
to make a difference

Krishna Moorthy


Martyn Rankin

Head of Product & Compliance

Beth Carlyle

Head of Operations

Amina Drir

Lead Health Coach

Alex Holroyd-Smith

Head of Business Development

Lou Wasilewski

Lead Allied Health Professional

Sayema Momin

Member Experience Manager

Claire Lynch

Specialist Nurse

Stephanie Meda

Health Coach

Dana Frank

Senior Physiotherapist

Dr Laura Campbell-Lee

Senior Health Coach

Lucy Long

Exercise Specialist

Maria Valer

Health Coach

Ajesh Raj

Analytical Data Engineer

Dr Alex King

Clinical Psychologist

Daniel Boroujerdi

Principal Engineer

Ben Stradwick

Head of Data and Patient Insights

Peter van der Merwe

Member Experience Coordinator

Marcel van den Hof

Head of Engineering

Kirstie Blanchette

Health Coach

James Garnham

UI / UX Designer

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